BOURSE THÉO pour le leadership et l'implication

Theo Grant

Thanks to generous donors, the CNCB is proud to present two Theo bursaries of a value of $1000 each, to two people who have distinguished themselves in the sports community.

The Theo Leadership and Involvement Bursary recognizes and rewards two individuals who have been actively and continuously involved in the various activities of the CNCB on a volunteer basis. Through their involvement, these people have contributed to the influence of the CNCB through its sports activities.

For this first edition, the CNCB is proud to give the Theo grant to Rafael Rodriguez, 15 years old. Throughout the summer, Rafael was involved with the Bromont National Cycling Center as a volunteer in our sporting events, but also as an assistant instructor. Committed and motivated, he has been working since this fall as an assistant at the CNCB.

The second recipient of the Theo grant is Heidi Poirier. For the past 6 years, Heidi has been involved as a volunteer on the board of directors of the CNCB-BOLT BMX club. Her involvement provided a link between coaches, board members and youth to create a supportive learning environment. In 2020, Heidi created an education guide for bike trotters in collaboration with the FQSC. The following year, the CNCB started classes for 2-5 year olds. Her knowledge of the CNCB at all levels has allowed Heidi to introduce over 600 young people from the CNCB Bolt club to the CNCB facilities.

About the Theo Grant

Behind the Theo grant are generous people who wish to support young people in the region who are involved and committed to the community. One of the objectives of the scholarship is to recognize and inspire people between the ages of 13 and 25 to give back to society, whether through volunteer work or even through various achievements.

"Nothing is more valuable than for future generations to value and care about social responsibility" Theo grant members.