Sortie Fatbike - Bromont

For a successful first outing

We advice you to stay in our trails which forms a 3,5 km ride total, so you can warm up to the discipline and make sure that you are ready to embark in a longer ride with more elevation gain, for example, the Mont-Oak. You could also consider participating in a technical coaching session; 90 minutes bike lesson taught by professionally trained coaches. You will build your confidence, strengthen your knowledge, and ensure a progression. Does the bike location include trail access? Each bike location includes access to our trails which are in the woods behind the CNCB. Starting point and parking : Each bike rental is handed directly at the CNCB located at 400 rue Shefford ; simply walk to the entrance of the building. Parking is free. You have the option to take your car and drive with your bike, so you can access other trails from the Parc des Sommets (per example, Mont-Oak, Mont-Bernard). Needed material for the perfect fat bike outing :
  • Bike* or ski helmet
  • Water bottle
  • Energetic snacks (nuts, granola-bars, dry fruits, etc.)
  • Tissues
  • Sunglasses and suns cream (if needed)
  • Proper attire (see next question)
*If you use a bike helmet, it is preferrable to wear at light tuque without a pompon, so that your comfortable and your head is kept warm. Fat bike attire of choice : In winter, humidity is your enemy. 😉
  • • Winter pants that are adjusted to your ankles (ex. Alpine or cross-country ski pants)
  • Breathable winter coat
  • Wear a lot of layers, so you can add or take some off, as needed. *
  • Warm gloves (mittens aren’t recommended, because they don’t allow you to control your speed and breaks adequately)
  • Winter or fat bike specific boots
  • Warm socks, we advice you to wear your socks right before your ride, so that your feet don’t get humid beforehand.
  • Neck warmer * Ideally, you should wear clothes that breathe. We want to stay away from humidity as much as possible.
If you are renting a bike with us, make sure to have an ID card which will be kept until the end of your rental. After-bike essentials!
  • Be sweaty
  • Smile until your teeth are dry
  • Have a drink
Recommended pitstops :
  • Come and enjoy our selection of microbrewery beer, a hot drink or our lunch counter! The hub powered by Siboire is the perfect place to meet.