Retül Positioning Session

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The objective of these sessions is to analyze your position and your bike and guide you with adjustments and advice to improve your posture and better balance it according to your goals.


Starting at
$250 + taxes

The 2-hour bike fitting session is mainly analog, which means that we don’t rely on as much technology, but rather on our experience and eyesight. The session covers all the basics to ensure good harmony between the body and the bike. This studio session is designed to position cyclists in an athletic, balanced posture according to their goals, which ensures efficient riding and prevents injuries. This positioning identifies a neutral riding position for the cyclist and addresses minor positioning issues and areas of discomfort, but does not focus on performance optimization.


This is what it consists of :

  • Interview to better understand your medical history and your cycling background
  • Evaluation of flexibility/mobility
  • Usage of manual measurement tools to optimize your cycling position
  • Adjustment of the pedal/cleat interface
  • Saddle height adjustment
  • Saddle positioning, front/back
  • Adjustment of the handlebar for a more comfortable position in terms of height and distance with the stem
  • A report with the measurements and feedback on the changes will be provided after the session

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This more in-depth positioning is designed to find a balance between stable power generation, comfort, and aerodynamics. The session focuses on biomechanics and achieving a good balance between the body and the bike, always in accordance with the cyclist’s goals.

The use of saddle pressure mapping and motion capture technology to ensure pelvic and foot stability.

Development of a preliminary list of elements to improve in the racing position such as the saddle, cleats, etc.

Recommendations from local specialists specific to the client’s physical constraints (kinesiologist, physiotherapist, etc.) The prescription of how to achieve the positioning that we develop together will be applied as much as possible during the session, but some suggested changes may require a mechanic and will not be made before the end of the session.

Verification of equipment according to UCI rules if necessary.

A report with measurements before and after, and comments on the changes, will be provided by email after the session.

This is what it consists of :

  • Interview
  • Postural study off the bike Evaluation of your flexibility, mobility, and movement patterns.
  • Study of the cyclist in motion on their bike. By observing your pedaling position and referring to your off-bike postural study, we will determine your neutral/optimal position on the bike. To do this, we will use several tools such as the RETUL 3D motion capture system.
  • A report including a summary of all the collected data as well as precise measurements of your bike will be sent to you by email.
  • A follow-up meeting is included with your bike fitting. We recommend using your follow-up after a minimum adaptation period of 2 to 3 weeks.

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