2023 U17/JR/Para Canadian Championships: Spectator guide

Race types explained

Pursuit (individual or team) :

Two athletes (or teams), starting at opposite points on the track, race each other on a given distance. The fastest rider or team wins.


Keirin :

The group of riders follow a motorized bike until it reaches a given speed. Once the motorcycle pulls off the track, the competitors battle it out in a sprint to the finish.


Scratch race :

The simplest form of mass-start racing: riders race over a pre-determined distance. The first rider to cross the finish line wins.


Points race :

The Points Race is a mass-start event in which the winner is the rider who accumulates the most points. Points are obtained by winning intermediate sprints or by lapping the main field.


Elimination race :

Mass-start event in which a rider is eliminated every second lap. The last rider on track wins.


Match sprint :

Two riders start side to side on the starting line.  The winner is the first rider to cross the finish line.


Team sprint :

A team of three riders start together. The lead rider sets the pace for the first lap then pulls off. After the second lap, the second rider leaves the track while the third rider sprints it out for the final lap.


Time trial (500m or 1km):

Two riders start at opposite points of the track. The fastest rider over the pre-determined distance wins.


Madison :

This mass-start event is competed by teams of two riders. Only one rider from each team is actively competing while the other rests at the top of the track. Once a rider is ready to make an exchange, his teammate descends from the top of the track and is slung into the race. The winner is the team who obtained the most points by winning intermediate sprints or by covering more laps than other teams.

Riders confirmation and open training

Individual pursuit – first round (U17 & JR)

Keirin – 1st round and repechage (U17 & JR)


Finals – indv. pursuit and Keirin (U17 & JR)

Scratch race – qualif and finals (U17 & JR)

Open training

Sprint qualification (U17 & JR)

Points race qualification (U17 & JR)

Sprint – 1/8 final  (U17 & JR)

Points race (U17 & JR)

Sprint – 1/4 final (U17 & JR)

Indv. pursuit (Para)


Open training

Elimination race qualification (U17 & JR)

Sprint – 1/2 final (U17 & JR)

Elimination races (U17 & JR)

Finals and ceremonies – Sprint (U17 & JR)

Open training

Team pursuit qualification (U17 & JR)

Team sprint qualification (U17 & JR)

Team pursuit finals (U17 & JR)

Team sprint finals (U17 & JR)


Open training

Time trials (Para)

Time trials (U17 & JR)

Madison (U17 & JR)

Available during the event

  • beer
  • coffee
  • snacks and drinks