Open 7 days a week

The ideal location for athletes to train, no matter your level. Complementary to cycling, this 1200 square feet gym answers individual trainings needs and groups of up to 16 people. The equipment has been specifically chosen and integrated to answer your needs: gain strength, power, speed and overall reinforcement of your physical condition and rehabilitation. The proximity of the gym and the other multisport facilities allows you to conjugate physical reinforcement and sports training in one session. The gym and its equipment are available to rent for a training camp or for the day. Our physical preparation team is also available if you wish to enhance your experience.


Starting at
$15 + taxes


  • For children 13 and under, we ask that they be accompanied by a coach or accompanied by a clear program established by a CNCB coach.


  • Leave your bags and coats in the locker room.
  • Use the locker room to change or undress.
  • The use of the room shirtless is prohibited.


  • Clean the equipment after use with the products at your disposal.
  • Store the equipment in the designated area.
  • Equipment must be used with care and according to its intended purpose.
  • No equipment may leave the room without special permission.
  • Personal electronic equipment such as speakers are not permitted.
  • Avoid monopolizing a space or piece of equipment for an extended period of time.


  • Only bottled water is allowed. No sweet or colored foods or beverages are allowed.
  • Eating, spitting, or chewing gum is prohibited.


  • Use snares on the bars at all times.


    • Access to the gym (according to package)
    • Depending on the schedule, access to the athletic track can also be included.

    Required material

    • Indoor training shoes
    • Towel
    • Water bottle