Indoor pumptrack

7 days a week

The only one in Quebec, this indoor pumptrack will please anyone who gives it a try! On a bike, a scooter or a skateboard, let’s do a series of banked turns and different lines! Including wall rides, this track will provide hours of fun !


Starting at
$15 + taxes
Indoor Pumptrack


  • Communicate your intentions to other users!
  • Share practice time with other users!
  • Respect each other’s skill level!


  • Make sure your bike, scooter or skateboard is clean and well maintained!
  • Have a working brake at all times!


  • Follow the direction of the lines at all times!
  • Walk on the track to get to the facility!


  • Access to the indoor pumptrack
  • Access to the acrobatic zone (scheduled to open in mid-December)

Required material

  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Bike helmet
  • Closed shoes
  • A Dirtjumper, bmx or run bike