Winter 2024

Our ini-bike courses are introductory cycling programmes for various disciplines specially designed for children. Participants will have the opportunity to discover the basic techniques of a cycling discipline directly on our site in Bromont. Learning, safety, and progression are emphasized throughout the sessions.


Starting at
$119 + taxes

A program designed for the little ones to get used to the new indoor pump track at CNCB.

Starting at the age of 2, they can participate in classes specially designed for them and their balance bikes. The youngsters are accompanied at each session to learn the basics of cycling, balance, and handling.



From mid-january to mid-february

6 weeks class

Friday evening class
Saturday morning class


From mid-march to the end of April

6 weeks class

Friday evening course (5pm)
Saturday morning course (8am)

This course is aimed at beginners aged between 5 and 8 years old who have little experience and want to learn how to ride their bikes safely on the pumptrack. Offered over a 6-week period, the youth will learn basic bike handling techniques, basic indoor pumptrack techniques, and certain BMX techniques, with a progression on circuits suitable for their level. The program is for boys and girls who already know how to ride their bike without assistance.

Thursday evening class at 5:00 PM :

Nov. 16 to dec. 21 class

Saturday morning class at 9:00 AM :

Sept. 30 to nov. 4 class

Nov. 11 to dec. 16 class


  • Structured program by certified coaches
  • An adapted bike for the chosen course
  • An adapted helmet
  • BMX, pumptrack and DirtJumps : elbow and knee pads

Required material

  • Full face helmet (can be rented on demand if needed)
  • A bike adapted to the chosen course (can be rented on demand if needed)
  • Closed shoes
  • Sport clothes that are suited for the practice
  • Adapted body protections