Physical preparation

Upon reservation

You wish to evaluate your physical condition, or you would like to have personalized exercises that complements your bike training? Discover our physical preparation offers.


Starting at
$79 + taxes

A basic evaluation consists of measuring your physical condition during an initial session with one of our trainers. You will receive:

  • A basic evaluation
  • A prescription for fitness or cycling exercises. The exercises will be adapted to your needs.


The complete evaluation consists of objectively defining your strengths and weaknesses to come up with a personal program that answers your specific needs. You will receive:

  • An evaluation of your level of basic motor patterns
  • An evaluation of your strength to speed ratio on the bike and in the training room;
  • An evaluation of your general physical abilities;
  • Our coaches will be working with precise tools to ensure that we get an accurate portrait of your athletic profile.


Looking for a cycling training program or a strength training program? After your assessment session, a trainer will develop and demonstrate a complementary plan to your workouts.

You will receive:

  • A plan is tailored according to your needs, can be one to three training session per week.
  • The exercises are conceived according to the prerequisite evaluation and the material at your disposition.

Prerequisite: Complete evaluation session


The complete training program consists of elaborating and demonstrating a muscle-building training plan combined with prescribed bike training sessions (energy chain). This plan includes all your bike training sessions, muscle-building, and crossed training such as fat bike, ski and runs. You will receive:

  • A complete training program and its demonstration
  • A complete training program and its demonstration

Prerequisite: Complete evaluation session


Booking a consultation consist of spending an hour with a coach that will use his/her expertise to perfect, per example, your muscle-building sessions, bike training or to answer any questions concerning your bike preparation. You will receive:

  • An accompaniment in the gym or
  • Accompaniment in indoor cycling training or
  • An accompaniment for your bike preparation


One of our coaches will team up with you to elaborate a monthly training program allowing you to prepare and help you reach your goals. This planning includes a series of specific exercises and a follow up with the coach.

Here’s what is included :

  • A weekly training journal;
  • Analysis of power curves (1 session per week);
  • Athlete follow-up via email;
  • Monthly in-person consultation session with a coach (the first consultation session will be an athlete evaluation, lasting 60 minutes);


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