Life code

  • Respect your reservation time. After your activity, go to the hub!
  • Courtesy and respect are expected from other users and employees of the organization.
  • Follow the rules specific to each sports venue and the instructions of the staff members!
  • Keep the area clean and safe during and after your presence.
  • Attendants must remain in the hub or in the stands.
  • Clean and appropriate sports shoes are required in the sports area.
  • The wearing of appropriate sportswear for each activity is mandatory.
  • Leave your bags and personal belongings in the locker room or on the bench.
  • Food is only allowed in the bistro and in the stands.
  • Alcohol is prohibited before and during the sport.

CNCB Track and Trails

All users of CNCB trails and paths must post their access at all times.

Buy your access

  1. It is mandatory to wear a helmet and closed shoes when riding on the trails. It is also recommended to wear appropriate body protection.
  2. The full face helmet is strongly recommended; it is mandatory for the bmx track and the advanced lines (pro).
  3. Check the condition of your bike: a well-maintained bike is a guarantee of safety. Do not overestimate your level. Stay in control of your bike.
  4. On the trails, watch your lines and adjust your speed so you don’t collide with another rider.
  5. No motorized vehicles will be allowed on the trails (motorcycles, remote controlled cars, automobiles, etc.). Dogs must be restrained at all times.


  • Bikes with large studded tires are not allowed.
  • A full face helmet is mandatory for the bmx track.

DirtJumps :

  • The full face helmet is highly recommended; it is mandatory for advanced (pro) lines.
  • Pro & Intermediate Line: Bikes with large studded tires are not allowed.
  • Beginner and Sunny line: large spikes tolerated, but any damage must be
    repaired by the offender. Bike rental is available at the reception desk during the hours of
    opening of the CNCB.


  • Leave your bags and coats in the locker room.
  • Use the locker room to change or undress.
  • The use of the room shirtless is prohibited.
  • Clean the equipment after use with the products at your disposal.
  • Store the equipment in the designated area.
  • Equipment must be used with care and according to its intended purpose. No equipment may leave the room without special permission.
  • Personal electronic equipment such as speakers are not permitted.
  • Avoid monopolizing a space or piece of equipment for an extended period of time.
  • Only bottled water is allowed. No sweet or colored foods or beverages are allowed.
  • Eating, spitting, or chewing gum is prohibited.
  • Use snares on the bars at all times.

Pumptrack and acrobatic zone

  • Communicate your intentions to other users!
  • Share practice time with other users!
  • Respect each other’s skill level!
  • Make sure your bike, scooter or skateboard is clean and well maintained!
  • Bicycle: Have a functional brake at all times!
  • Follow the direction of the lines at all times!
  • Walk on the track to get to the facility!

Athletic track

  • Spikes are permitted on the blue and grey surface only.
  • During speed work, please post signs in front of the gates.

Follow the direction of travel at all times:

  • Monday and Tuesday : Counterclockwise
  • Wednesday and Thursday : Clockwise
  • Friday and Saturday : Counterclockwise
  • Sunday : Clockwise


  • You must be certified to ride on the track.
  • Get off your bike and use the ramp.
  • At all times, communicate your intentions with other users.
  • You can only ride a track bike: fixed sprocket, no brake, handlebar end.


  • Clean your bike after each use.
  • In case of problems, please inform the staff at the reception.