Sport Concentration


For several years now, the CNCB is proud to partner up with different high school of the region for their sport concentration.


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Concentration sportive

Their mountain bike competitive concentration program has for goal to form athletes with race skills in multiple cycling discipline (Olympic cross-country, enduro and DH).

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This program focuses on mountain biking and initiating students to other disciplines such as BMX, dirt jumps, track bike and many more.

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This program has for goal to develop technical abilities to form complete athletes, focusing on mountain bike and BMX.

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  • Safe training environment
  • Free access to our installation during sessions


  • Consult the prerequisites stated on the high school website.

Required material

  • Bike suited to the practice
  • Bike helmet suited to the practice
  • Bike gloves that cover the fingers
  • Clothes suited to cycling in all conditions
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Complementary material according to the program