The Academy

Back in autumn

Is your child occasionally mountain biking and looking to get into competitive riding? Enroll them in theAcademy,, our winter competitive mountain bike preparation program.

Whether it’s to join our competitive sports-study program or participate in races, this program for youth aged 12 to 16 is ideal for taking your child to the next level.

At the end of this program, your child will be thoroughly prepared in terms of cycling skills, physical endurance, and mental readiness to meet the demands of the competitive level. He/She will be ready to start a racing season as early as the summer of 2024!


Coming soon

Professional setting

The program will be led by Anthony Malouf, a specialist kinesiologist coach with over 10 years of involvement in coaching athletes at the international level.

A science-based training program

The training program for the season will be strategically planned towards performance. It will also incorporate the latest principles of physical literacy. Your young ones will be able to deepen their motor patterns through the practice of various cycling disciplines.

Training sessions will be divided in two parts:

  • One hour will be dedicated to off-bike physical preparation training ;
  • The second hour will be spent on a bike ;

Access to unique cycling facilities in Quebec

The environment of the National Cycling Center is incomparable. You won’t find all these elements in a single location:

  • Indoor pumptrack
  • Velodrome
  • Functional training room
  • On site outdoor bike trails

All-inclusive formula

  • Exclusive access to our training facilities
  • Rental of a range of specialized bikes included in the registration
  • Group atmosphere that promotes development
  • Possibility of progression within the program (winter 2024)